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Payforessay is an online site that helps to write essays and can even assist you in your assignment works. This site is mainly targeted to all the average students, who need help with their literary skills. The site states that they have been in this business for almost 12 years, and they have more than 3000 writers in their team, among them more than 2500 are Ph.D. certified. They receive an average of 1000 orders per week. Now it’s time that we taker a deeper look into this online custom writing site, and try to review the genuineness.

Payforessay Reviews

Payforessay claims to have a long history in this field of writing. But, these are just self-made calculations, it’s time to judge on the following criteria:

Pay for essay reviews: Quality

All the essays written by this website are good, but there are always rooms for further improvement. They also never attach the sources of their reference, this makes it all the more difficult to trace whether those articles were actually written by them or not.

Payforessay net: Customer Support

The customer support is in the form of live chat. During normal hours, this worked pretty well. They claim this service to be 24×7, but recent reports state that all the calls after evening go unanswered. The customer support’s way of handling issues could get weird at time too.


pay for essay online custom writing service is certainly a legal company and it can’t be denied that they actually have some potential. But their quality of essay needs a serious boost. Moreover, there are some serious errors on their official site. So, if you place an order on their site, don’t just rely on the testimonials, you should go ahead and check it. This must be done in order to ensure that everything goes well when you present it to your professor.

So, overall, I would really recommend to all the essays yourself, in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances. Lastly, we hope that you enjoyed reading this article on the review of


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